Why Middle-aged Adults Should Mountain Bike


  1. Mountain biking is much better for your joints than going out and pounding out running miles on the pavement. There is a lot of movement involved. Yes, the movement in the beginning includes falling off of the bike and crashing, but over time core strength is built and crashing seems to dwindle. Unless of course you ride outside your comfort level which is almost a guarantee you will wreck.
  2. Using alcohol and drugs to deal with work stress takes years off your life. Using a mountain bike to deal with work stress really works. There are many rides where I am imagining the things at work that should be left there and find my cares about them fade away. Also imagining crashing into certain people at work sometimes has the ability to make me laugh. Work is stressful; mountain biking is not.
  3. Riding a mountain bike makes an adult feel like a kid again. Sure, the bike may be worth $5,000 or more but the same feeling I had riding down a gravel road with no hands on a $50 Wal-mart special is equal. I just have a fancier ride is all.
  4. Mountain biking has really made my body look good. My legs are fit and even better, my stomach is flat. And, I do eat what I want, so go figure!
  5. There is nothing more exhilarating than learning how to ride downhill mountain biking. I still haven’t conquered it, but it is a thrill!
  6. Climbing a steep mountain and making it to the top without getting off the bike to push the bike is the best!
  7. Riding bikes with your kids and sharing with them the best part of childhood is priceless!
  8. Winning your first race is amazing!
  9. Noticing that a lot of mountain bikers look younger.
  10. Buying a new mountain bike to upgrade your older one is something you couldn’t do much as a kid, but with a job, the toys are better and better!