Training Triathlon is…

tacomamacita2Tiring, overwhelming, and time-consuming. I am only 49 days away and nowhere near ready, especially on the run and swim very similar to last year. I am running more now than I was this time last year, but I have to step up the pool time tremendously. I am going to print off some swim workouts and try to start really incorporating them in my workouts. I would really like to complete this half ironman in Chattanooga in less than six hours. I believe that I can do this if everything comes together during the day, but if one thing goes wrong, there’s a big chance I will be much slower. I have the bike, working on nutrition, but the swim and the run need more attention. I believe I am going to have to ramp up early 4am morning running three times a week to make room for more swimming in the evenings. The bike is there almost 100% (not shocked there; do what you love) but I have just a few weeks left to tweak what I can on run and swim.

tacomamacitaMy husband isn’t going to be able to compete with me this year due to an injury he received on a mountain bike (his first-night gravel ride) back in November 2014. He has a separated acromioclavicular joint that is starting to cause more issues, and he may end up with surgery sometime hopefully later than soonish.

cowsLast year he beat my time by a good 30 minutes, and being that I am a little big competitive, I wanted to beat him this year. I suppose all I have left is to beat his time from last year, but really my real bait is to beat my own time by 30 minutes. Surely this is doable if all comes together the way it should. I am praying for good weather as well.

In the past two weeks, most of my cycling has been on the TT bike on the road. I thought I would share some pictures of it.