ToSH 2017 Race Report

My husband signed me up for this one. Last year, I drove down and watched him race and snagged some pretty cool pictures of the Village Volkswagen Team.

ToSH 2016

This year, ToSH was located in Woodstock and Ball Ground, GA. We decided to wing it and take the kids, too, since most of the events had enough time between to pull it off except the road race on Saturday which I was more than happy to bail on from if someone couldn’t watch them for about a ten-minute gap. We arrived on Friday night after work and picked up our packets where the TT sign-in included.

The next morning, I drove to the TT first and took off at 7:43:30. The temp was a balmy 27 degrees, but I was not cold. I went with lighter tights, but no vest or jacket. I did a proper warm-up on the trainer while watching the parking lot fill fast with later TT racers. I had left my husband and kids in the hotel room about 20-minutes away, so right after my TT I would have to hop in the car and head back to get them for Jeff’s TT start at 9-something. The course was only 2.8 miles. Talk about a short 7-9 minute effort. I wish I could race my TT bike but had to do it Merckx. I wasn’t thrilled about that because I still don’t have my aero perfected on the road bike, and it showed in the end, in my opinion. I had a number in my head for watts, and overall due to the downhills I didn’t keep it my average, but I was within 10 watts. That is something I have to do better with – driving the downhill. I did catch one rider ahead of me, and that was thrilling. I wanted to catch a second rider, but I suppose the course was too short for that or I was not fast enough.

I ended up 1st place in category 4 women with a time of 8:58:60. I left to pick up the rest of the family and a teammate texted me a copy of the results. The results ended up changing sometime after I saw them. I made the podium shot in time luckily, but 3rd place wasn’t there. The texted picture had #2 as last place with a very slow time but updated with her at #2 a little later. To make a very long story short, I was told after questioning the results that #2 SC had been given a 30-second penalty for missing her start time of the TT (a strange random number to penalize when the race bible stated the 30 second penalty was if you didn’t sign in NOT late for TT).

Strava showed a different story. Strava showed the same results that the timing company had shown; that we were neck-in-neck. If a 30-second penalty had been given to SC, she would not have had the same time as me. This was all handled, though USAC rules are pretty clear on how long the penalty should have been (more than 30-seconds), but in the end it did not affect my results but probably the results of #3 and #4 below. I will say #2 and me were neck-in-neck in the TT which considering I’m probably 20 years older than her, will take it. I should have had >20 mph average though. No wind. I will have to work on it.

USAC rules about TT: 3E5. Start. (a) Each rider shall report to the starter at least three minutes before his scheduled starting time and shall start at the scheduled time. If a rider appears later than the appointed starting time, the start will be allowed only if it does not interfere with the riders starting on schedule. If it does interfere, the rider may be further delayed. In case of a late start, the appointed time shall be used in computing the results. A rider who leaves the line early shall have that time added to his overall time as a penalty unless an electronic starting mechanism is triggered on the rider’s start. (b) The rider shall be held at the start, but shall neither be restrained nor pushed. (c) No restarts are permitted for any reason.


Women 4/5
1. 479 BETH LOFGREN Taco Mamacita 443635 08:58.60 19.1 mph
2. 475 SOMMERS C 526369 08:58.97 0:00 19.0 mph
3. 477 MELANIE H Free Flite Masters 475258 09:39.50 0:40 17.7 mph
4. 474 CAROLINE B L5Flyers Cycling Team 525546 09:41.18 0:42 17.7 mph
5. 472 KEREN B Evolution Jr. Devo Team 413796 09:42.28 0:43 17.6 mph
6. 476 KATIE H Sorella Cycling p/b Hincapie Sportswear 493723 09:42.44 0:43 17.6 mph
7. 478 ALI L Sorella Cycling p/b Hincapie Sportswear 521537 09:47.77 0:49 17.5 mph
8. 471 HANNAH B Evolution Jr. Devo Team 468558 09:55.89 0:57 17.2 mph
9. 481 ELIZABETH M Frazier Cycling Juniors 439196 10:04.48 1:05 17.0 mph
10. 470 ELEANOR A 516475 10:07.50 1:08 16.9 mph
11. 480 AMALIA M Team Whitetail Bicycles p/b Pure Taqueria/Blueprint 524288 10:36.17 1:37 16.1 mph
12. 482 ANASTASIA S Team Whitetail Bicycles p/b Pure Taqueria/Blueprint 524981 10:43.69 1:45 15.9 mph
13. 473 SUSANNE B 526704 10:53.00 1:54 15.7 mph

The circuit race was different for me. 3 laps of 5 miles each, I think. We stayed together for the most part, but at the end, I was in a spot where I couldn’t really sprint out. I need to do a better job of planning how to get out a little quicker. By the time I could really take off, the lady in front of me sat up, and that was it for the most part. I don’t mind finishing with a bunch of cat 3 and 4 women in the main field, but I think I can sprint more than I have and want to learn how to really take off at the end. One lady did have a tire blow, but she didn’t take anyone else out. Luckily it was on a climbing section and not a speedy descent.

1. 477 MELANIE H Free Flite Masters 475258 20.5 45:38
2. 475 SOMMERS C 3 526369 20.5 45:38 +0:00
3. 478 ALI L Sorella Cycling p/b Hincapie Sportswear 3 521537 20.5 45:38 +0:00
4. 472 KEREN B Evolution Jr. Devo Team 3 413796 20.5 45:38 +0:00
5. 476 KATIE H Sorella Cycling p/b Hincapie Sportswear 3 493723 20.5 45:38 +0:00
6. 479 BETH L Taco Mamacita 3 443635 20.5 45:38 +0:00
7. 481 ELIZABETH M Frazier Cycling Juniors 3 439196 20.5 45:38 +0:00
8. 474 CAROLINE B L5Flyers Cycling Team 3 525546 19.3 48:24 +2:46
9. 470 ELEANOR A 3 516475 19.3 48:24 +2:46
10. 471 HANNAH B Evolution Jr. Devo Team 3 468558 19.3 48:24 +2:46
11. 482 ANASTASIA S Team Whitetail Bicycles p/b Pure Taqueria/Blueprint 3 524981 18.7 49:49 +4:10
12. 480 AMALIA M Team Whitetail Bicycles p/b Pure Taqueria/Blueprint 3 524288 18.6 50:14 +4:36
13. 473 SUSANNE B 3 526704 17.9 52:12 +6:34

Saturday night, I was a bit stressed because I had a lot to do and the road race looked brutal.

Sunday morning, we woke up late. Not good. We had to fly through the morning like most mornings of my life at home trying to get out the door for work. I’m going to drift into that chaos for a moment and just say sometimes I wonder how I even stay afloat half the time. There are moments when the list of things to do and to get done to get out the door on time never ends, and even now I’m stealing time away from sleep to just type this up. I kind of feel like it’s all a bit overwhelming and that one day I will just collapse with fatigue and sleep for a week.

So far, I’m staying afloat.

Yes, the bike is my beer. And there’s a lot of thinking that goes on while pedaling. And praying.

Back to the road race. I stared at the course typed out on some paper. I was royally screwed.

But, in usual Beth form I told myself that I love to climb. Most people would look at me and think I wouldn’t like to climb because I’m not built like most road climbers, but you see, I’m a mountain bike climber. The reason I like to climb is that I HATE to descend, so I had to like the opposite. I can climb up as fast as I can and suffer at a steady painful effort, but the descent I would like to hand to someone else to do. I own last place on many road mountain descents locally. Fear is real. It’s not an issue of fitness.

It keeps me alive, I guess.

All this to say, the climbs looked bad on the road race. I didn’t warm up properly because it wasn’t clear where we were to sign in. We parked behind the school where a church apparently meets and my husband had a church member pretty much cuss him in front of our kids on Sunday morning! LOL I can’t help but laugh but it was poor planning. No one asked us to move our car, but it was apparent we were really causing the church to have a bad Sunday. We were supposed to be neutral for a couple miles or so, but we pretty much went hard from the beginning, and by the time we got to the 2nd climb on mile 4, the break was made. I watched as a couple of cat 4s went with them, and I figured at that point I needed to try to stay with the group I was with once it was formed. Some moments I remember: the first descent, the second time. I let go with no feathering of the brakes at all at around 38 mph. Not bad for the descent with some curves. I need to work on this badly. The second descent was insane. I had more fear that the traffic wouldn’t truly be stopped at the bottom and that I would die.  I hit over 40 mph, and I did not die. I had a big grin on my face, too when at the end I had a little umph to sorta slowly sprint into 4th.

I have to work on that sprint.

1. 472 KEREN B Evolution Jr. Devo Team 2 413796 1:32:24 0:46:12
2. 475 SOMMERS C 2 526369 1:33:44 +1:20 0:46:52
3. 476 KATIE H Sorella Cycling p/b Hincapie Sportswear 2 493723 1:35:12 +2:48 0:47:36
4. 479 BETH LOFGREN Taco Mamacita 2 443635 1:35:12 +2:48 0:47:36
5. 478 ALI L Sorella Cycling p/b Hincapie Sportswear 2 521537 1:35:12 +2:48 0:47:37
6. 477 MELANIE H Free Flite Masters 2 475258 1:35:16 +2:52 0:47:38
7. 471 HANNAH B Evolution Jr. Devo Team 2 468558 1:40:10 +7:46 0:50:05
8. 474 CAROLINE B L5Flyers Cycling Team 2 525546 1:42:23 +9:59 0:51:11
9. 481 ELIZABETH M Frazier Cycling Juniors 2 439196 1:44:10 +11:46 0:52:05
10. 482 ANASTASIA S Team Whitetail Bicycles p/b Pure Taqueria/Blueprint 2 524981 1:50:15 +17:51 0:55:07
11. 473 SUSANNE B 1 526704 0:59:14 -33:10 0:59:14
12. 480 AMALIA M Team Whitetail Bicycles p/b Pure Taqueria/Blueprint 1 524288 DNF +40:56 2:13:20

So. What did I learn?

Read the USAC Rules and know them well. Apparently, the judges don’t know them well to not assess someone a penalty. No, it would not have changed my 3rd place GC, but it would have changed some TT results for 3rd and 4th places moving up. I learned that tech guides are wrong sometimes. The picture of the jersey was wrong in the guide. Also, the masters’ field had a lap shortened and some of the field were not even told and found out when the ones who knew sprinted for the finish. Communication was challenging at the event. The UHC women’s team missed their start time for the circuit race. Wondering how that happened? I also learned a lot watching my teammate Krystal kick some butt out there only to have a crap pothole ruin her road race. I wish I had had the ability to help her as a teammate, but I am nowhere near her power or level yet. One of these days maybe? I learned that not everyone thinks the right thing is the right thing.

I learned my son really likes the Lorax, and that my daughter is working on a career in wrestling against her brother. And, she needs new pants because she is outgrowing her pink ones!

Krystal 2nd in cat 3 women circuit race
Krystal in the GC lead after TT/circuit

My teammate in Taco Mamacita, Krystal, ended up 1st in cat 3 TT and 2nd in cat 3 circuit. She was on track to win it, I bet. Can’t wait to see her win the next one. Or hear about it, if I can’t go.

I ended up 3rd in the GC behind Keren B and Sommers C. Hoping I see the small check for winning TT and 3rd in GC (for cat 4 women) arrives soon.

Next up I think is in April – a road race and TT and Big Frog 65!