The Week of Hurt

the trainer captured the attention this week

This week was a tough one for me. Not only have I watched my output drop significantly, but I have had some issues with wondering about a couple of stats. Then I also want to road bike more, which is weird. I suppose the way mountain biking has a person essentially sort of sprinting up a climb and then recovering all over the place has an overall effect on endurance. Who knew. I also thought that when I started doing this stuff I would miss just running after work with my bike to Enterprise to run as many laps as I could before sundown. Not so much anymore. It’s not that I don’t want to be out there, but I was bored. I may go back soon, but it won’t be to go as fast as I can though I would like to do that sometime just for Strava’s sake.

I get to add running this week to get ready for the Half Ironman. I’m going to admit, I’m not looking forward to the demands of all three: running, cycling, and swimming, but I remember last year the cross training really did help the biking.

This week I also used Sword more than Infinit. Infinit is reformulating my mix, and in the meantime I just wanted to try something else. It seemed to work OK with no real gut issues. I also started probiotics and some other vitamins just to see if I can maybe target what I feel going on.

Less than 4 weeks until the next race. I cannot wait!