the hardest time of the year

I should be embracing rest. I do not ever embrace it well. Truth is, I’d fire this plan right now and do my own thing if I didn’t know that according to everything I read, rest is correct.

But, I hate it. In fact, it goes against everything I want to do. Sitting down and just typing this out is a struggle because I have things to DO. Action. Verbs. Sitting here is not an action verb.

I am supposed to sit down and think about 2018 goals with the bike. Sometimes publishing them publically is hard because what if I don’t meet my goals? The older I get, the less care I give about not meeting the goal because even getting close is still progress. Maybe the goal was too lofty? Maybe there was a hindranceĀ that kept me from achieving the goal? And so, here are my goals of 2018 keeping in mind I am starting a new career on Monday.

  1. I want to do the state time trial championship in less than one hour. Last year, I finished in 1:03:19. Is it possible to take 3 minutes and 20 seconds off this time? I think so.
  2. Race weight. I figure I can lose about 10 to 15 pounds before it would negatively affect me. I plan to do that by March.
  3. Work on strength and stretching. I have a small anterior superior hip labral tear that I could have had since I was a runner, I don’t know, but definitely having some hamstring and posterior hip issues that don’t fit in the profile with the labrum issue. Physical therapy and strengthening/stretching already started and will continue. May check out pilates.
  4. Masters National Road Championship which means I have to work on my road racing and crit as well.
  5. Black Bear Rampage – I’d like to do a 3:30. That’s a bit of a lofty goal, but I think possibly doable.

Other than that, individual road races I’ll do as a team member helping whoever to win for the team. I hope the new career isn’t so much of a time commitment that I cannot have the exercise on the side. I need it for sanity’s sake and it’s the best prescription for anything that ails you… except overtraining issues.

I have one “race” left this weekend for 2017. I put it in quotes because I’m not doing the distance I had initially wanted to do due to the hip but the 25 miler. However, I plan to attack it with the same tenacity as all races and try to crush it without setting myself back further. Speaking of which, I had a bit of a (small) crash involving the head at the easiest trail around last weekend. Helmets really work well!

Keep in mind while I put all this in words, the other half of myself just wants to race my bike and beat people regardless of all the other “stuff.”

So far the sane one is winning.

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