Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon: half of what I did last month

FullSizeRender (2)On a whim, I decided to sign up for the Waterfront Triathlon in June. I’ve missed the SORBA mountain bike series races and have just jumped headfirst in things I wouldn’t normally do because I have to stay local for racing and work every third weekend. I need to keep it local. I used the Waterfront Tri to work on my transition times and to see how an olympic distance would feel versus a half-ironman distance. Much much better.

I started the day walking with Kelly to the swim start and jumped in ready to go. I felt strong and ready to rock n’ roll on the 1.5K point-to-point. Suprisingly enough, I felt great without a wetsuit and ended up with a time of 28:31 in the swim (20th in my age). The swim was all downstream which was fabulous. My transition times were much better: T1 was 3:18 and T2 was 1:21 (T2 I was first place in my age group).

The bike route was 42K rather than 40K a little bit amazing and scary. We had to ride up on the highway 27 North and hammer it out and turnaround at the Hwy 153 exit. Coming back, there was some major headwind which really made for a screaming downhill back off Stringer’s Ridge that I finished in 1:21:12 (4th in my age group).

The run was so much better being that it was a 10K and not a half marathon. I finished in 1:02:03 which would be quite an accomplishment after riding and swimming.

I finished 2:56:27 which is 8th in my age group of 37. Not bad for a middle-aged working mom.