Whole30: Day 1 (a.k.a. Black Friday)

soupI have been thinking about nutrition for a long time. Years, even. I am a believer that what we eat is what is causing cancer. I seriously believe that and yet I eat crap every day. When I say crap, I mean sugar, bad fats, processed foods in a box, and lots of pizza. I eat the fastest thing I can find for the cheapest amount of money. I use 2 tablespoonfuls (heaping) of sugar in my coffee every single day. I top it with whipped cream and honey drizzled. It tastes so sweet it is almost sickening. I go through cans and cans of whipped cream. I love to eat snack size pieces of chocolate left over from Halloween or Valentine’s day, and I use a ton of honey mixed with peanut butter almost daily on bread.

Lately, I have been feeling bad. I cannot put my finger on it, but my neck hurts a lot. It doesn’t feel cervical as much as muscular. I don’t sleep well. In fact, I sleep maybe 6 hours a night. I used to sleep 7-8 hours. I have to use Benadryl or Ambien most nights to sleep. I wake up in a fog and have to will myself out of bed, “Get up, Beth. Get up, Beth.” Most people would say it’s because I exercise so much, but I think it’s what I eat. I fill my body full of crap and then try to will my body to do things it isn’t fueled to do. My pain cave hurts, and lately, I don’t know I keep think it’s what I eat.

Normally I would wait until the magical January 1st where we reset our lives on a new year resolution and go from there, but this time, I see no reason to wait. I had thanksgiving dinner yesterday and ready to just focus on healthy eating through the end of the year and see about changing my life. I want to have clear skin, clear head, restful sleep, less aches and pains, and faster cycling as a result.

And so I join up with my friends Star and Carey to do this. I feel they are already way ahead of me nutrition-wise. Both of them are fit and lean, mean machines. I am the sugar addicted chunky girl joining in.

Wish me luck.

It is already mid-afternoon and I feel so-so, kind of like the second day after a hangover. My neck doesn’t hurt as much right this minute, but I did take ibuprofen this morning because it was hurting so bad. I have been stretching it a lot. I had today to eat:

  • 3 eggs boiled with salt and pepper
  • 1 apple
  • 2 Lara bars (one cherry, and one key lime)
  • coconut water with fruit juice (real fruit juice no added sugar)
  • 2 coffee with ghee and unsweetened¬†almond milk. Added pumpkin spice to it as well. It is not sweet at all yet, but I bet I’m gonna learn to love it.
  • water, water, water
  • chicken pot pie soup
  • sweet potato with ghee and cinnamon (no sugar)image2

This is all by 5pm. I have to do a zone 2 ride on the trainer (neck hurts though I’d rather mountain bike) this evening and work tomorrow. I plan on packing my lunch and going with eggs again in the AM. Maybe I will find an egg recipe with avocado or something. I have tomatoes too!