SEC #3 Fort Yargo: Dirty Spokes Production

Run by Dirty Spokes Productions, this race is part of the SEC Series. One of the longest running endurance races in Georgia, it takes place in a state park with plenty of amenities—great camping, awesome trails, and a beautiful lake. The flowing singletrack gallops through Ft. Yargo State Park, offering scenic views of Lake Yargo, and the slightly longer loops make it a really fun ride.

I arrived with lots of fatigue from the Half Ironman training. I haven’t spent much time on my mountain bike all spring, and I could tell. I felt like I had lost my punchiness up climbs, and also I have slacked off on my diet and seemingly putting on 4-5 lbs. I can feel it too.

The start was a huge mass start of both 3 and 6-hour races and was a bit unnerving for me. I’m not a seasoned racer rubbing handlebars and tires with the chance of crashing early due to poor handling by me or others. I stayed upright somehow. I do not give myself enough credit sometimes. It was hot.

The slow down, in the beginning, was horrendous. The slow start is the thing that bothers me in most races. Bottlenecking and people blowing up who sprinted in the beginning but can’t sustain the pace.


I found out after the race that I was the only person in my class. I suppose I am glad I did not know in the beginning. You see, in the beginning of the race I even thought I saw Monica and Rosa riding on the same lap (they were on a team together). Hallucinations. Heat. Just wasn’t my best effort as far as rest goes prior to the race.

Place Name Bib No Gender/Age Laps Time Pace Distance Total Time
1 Beth Lofgren 200 F/43 3 5:40/M 31.050 2:56:10.2
Beth Lofgren 200 Lap 1 57:45.0 5:35/M 10.350 57:45.0
Beth Lofgren 200 Lap 2 58:35.2 5:40/M 10.350 1:56:20.2
Beth Lofgren 200 Lap 3 59:50.0 5:47/M 10.350 2:56:10.2

LMP_YargoMTB-1619-(ZF-10049-28718-1-003) LMP_YargoMTB-1881-(ZF-10049-28718-1-001)