Oak Ridge Velo TT and Crit

The Oak Ridge Time Trial was about a 7-mile distance with about 230 feet of elevation, and I rode my Cervelo. This was my first-time trial ever, and I had no idea what to expect. I did a little bit of a warmup but was still coming down off of the road race earlier in the morning. I was lined up 3rd within the cat 4 ladies and was ready to hammer. Taking off, I settled immediately into a steady pace fighting off the urge to sprint. Within  30 seconds, I was at 162 bpm with worry I needed to slow it down a bit. At mile 4, I broke into pain territory at the 10-minute mark. I passed two ladies and was wishing for a third lady to chase as it does force me to push harder. There was a moment during the last couple of miles I sort of pushed it over the edge and threw up a little. I typically don’t throw up. You see, I am one of those people who can’t seem to stay in the pain cave long enough. At least after the triathlon training, my pain caving has been hit or miss. I ended up with 6th place out of 16 total, and I couldn’t be happier. I was a little bit stunned after the event because I didn’t expect a top 10 finish on my first time, and I was a little worried after the road race how fatigue would affect the time trial. So what I did wrong: one of the main things is I didn’t continually pedal the entire mileage. There are a couple of gaps where I coast. I didn’t wear an aero helmet. unnamed

One of the mamacitas, Sally, met Kelly and me at the crit course to pre-ride it for the next day. The course is shaped like a P with a tight 180 turn I was a little anxious about. We had a warm-up the next morning and lined up for the race. This was my first crit. I must go back to my preconceived ideas about criteriums. I thought only an idiot would sign up for a crit. The whole concept looked like dominoes to me, but yet I tried it. And, I loved it. I have to work on my cornering. I have to work on my attacks. But all in all the mountain bike handling really comes in handy. I ended up finishing 6th out of 12 and really would like some time to try for a prime if it doesn’t cause me to get dropped.

My take away from the whole weekend was that racing a bike isn’t about how fast you go as much as it is how smart you go. Teammates rely on one another. In mountain biking, it’s all you working toward your own goal. There is no drafting really. I think I kind of like the idea of some psychological gaming…