Max Gander Memorial Criterium 2017

I used to get butterflies and stage fright at the thought of lining up first in a criterium. I have only done a few at this point, but I no longer mind to line up at the front. In fact, I will aim for that every single time moving forward.

And, I wish I could line up in the front this Saturday at the state criterium championship, but it is not going to happen. Work calls.

Max Gander’s criterium profile was a 0.75 mile (1.2017 km for the metric folks) lap with a small “climb.” I wouldn’t call it a real climb, but after a few laps, it does become more prominent on taxing the system.

Analyzing the small 3% or so “climb”:

  • The PR of all the laps was 17 seconds. Cadence was 113 rpm dropping to 92 rpm. Avg power was 284.
  • The second PR of the same “climb” was 113 to 77. A big difference which tells me I shifted during the climb maybe? HR went a lot higher, but it could be the lap was later in the race? Avg power was 432. Speed 22.1 mph. This was also the last climb before the end where I attempted to attack.

All in all, it was a good day. We didn’t have a moto and so there was some hesitation on my part when entering a turn at speed. I wasn’t sure if people would stop or not especially after the field split up. The first place winner was fresh the whole race. She and another lady seemed to control the race. I had a fun time with my teammates.