Chain Buster’s Big Ring Challenge (Jack Rabbit Campground)

The weather did not look too bad the day before. Famous last words. Rain continued all day the day before, and it rained the entire two-hour drive. I was so revved up about the race that I almost forgot my bike. I arrived on-site with about an hour and a half to burn and felt great about the logistics of unloading the van to prepare. The cool thing about doing this race is the option to do a team. This was a 6-hour race and the plan was for my partner to do the first lap and alternate for a total of six laps.

bigringchallenge2015b bigringchallenge2015

Last year I had raced with another lady, and we took first in the team ladies division. These were my times:

  • 55:08 (first lap adds some pavement at the beginning)
  • 53:15
  • 54:54

This year, the mud was like peanut butter in places – especially the beginning which reminded me of childhood on a 3-wheeler siding around. The course was also reverse direction from last year. I really wanted a side-by-side comparison, but I didn’t get that.

  • 54:28
  • 56:24
  • 57:32

It does not look like I improved much, but considering the conditions and the changes in the direction, maybe I did a little? My bike is a bit trashed at the moment, and I wonder what all I will have to fix before the next race. I do have to say that Tri Flow is really good for conditions like this. I noticed my chain really looked good on lap 2 and 3, or maybe it was that I slowed down?

bigringchallengepodiumWe landed fourth place in the coed team division, and it was a great time! I don’t really know who the 1st and 2nd place teams were (besides Gordon Wadsworth) – who doesn’t know who he is if you are into mountain biking at all? But third place – Rob and Starr my friends!

Cannot wait to do this one again next year! Hoping for sunny skies and drier conditions and maybe reverse direction to get a good comparison.