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SEC #3 Fort Yargo: Dirty Spokes Production

May 20, 2016
Run by Dirty Spokes Productions, this race is part of the SEC Series. One of the longest running endurance races in Georgia, it takes place in a state park with plenty of amenities—great camping, awesome trails, and a beautiful lake. The flowing singletrack gallops through...
  • tacomamacita2

Training Triathlon is…

April 3, 2016
Tiring, overwhelming, and time-consuming. I am only 49 days away and nowhere near ready, especially on the run and swim very similar to last year. I am running more now than I was this time last year, but I have to step up the pool...
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Green Gobbler – SEC #2 (Chain Buster Racing)

March 20, 2016
Chain Buster Racing’s website says, “Our biggest race of the year, the Green Gobbler is held at the 1996 Olympic mountain bike venue: the Georgia International Horse Park.” Another course I had never seen or ridden. The week before proved to be a little trying...
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The Snake Creek Gap Time Trial Finale

February 23, 2016
All week I had focused on the impending cold weather that was to peak just in time for the Snake finale. I haven’t been doing a lot of rides outdoors like last year and so I knew I wasn’t really used to riding in the...
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Taco Stand Classic – SEC #1 (Chain Buster Racing)

February 10, 2016
I had no idea what to expect going into the first race of the Chain Busters SEC series at Tribble Mill. First of all, I don’t get out much into the Atlanta area to mountain bike. Second, I tried to watch the video online, but...
  • exercise-motivation

The Week of Hurt

January 18, 2016
This week was a tough one for me. Not only have I watched my output drop significantly, but I have had some issues with wondering about a couple of stats. Then I also want to road bike more, which is weird. I suppose the way...
  • trekaftersnake

My First Snake TT 2016 (34 miler)

January 10, 2016
Last year, I wanted to ride in the Snake, but had surgery and was still in recovery mode. I had heard it was one of the toughest races around the area, and I like a challenge. For me, it wouldn’t be about winning but about...
  • lofgren2015

2015 Wrapped Up!

January 4, 2016
Because everyone likes to see how far they rode or how many days they worked out, I decided to take a peak. Oops, peek. I suppose climbing and mountains are on my mind right now. Not too shabby, 2015!...
  • 5points50

5 Points 50: 2015 Version

October 20, 2015
This race. I was on the fence but the week before had a lot of miserable rain in the forecast and the next weekend was hinting toward absolute perfect tacky trails and sweet racing on trails not usually open to the public. How could I...

Baseline After Hiring a Coach

October 10, 2015
Today I went out and pedaled as hard as I could with an upper respiratory mini infection and a fear of cars that rivals the fear of dentists in most people. The wind was whipping, and I just counted down the time it would take...

Why Middle-aged Adults Should Mountain Bike

September 29, 2015
Mountain biking is much better for your joints than going out and pounding out running miles on the pavement. There is a lot of movement involved. Yes, the movement in the beginning includes falling off of the bike and crashing, but over time core strength...
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Chain Buster’s Big Ring Challenge (Jack Rabbit Campground)

September 29, 2015
The weather did not look too bad the day before. Famous last words. Rain continued all day the day before, and it rained the entire two-hour drive. I was so revved up about the race that I almost forgot my bike. I arrived on-site with...
  • foolsgold50

Fool’s Gold 50 Race Report 2015

September 21, 2015
I will apologize in advance for not knowing the customary lingo of mountain biking. I still do not know the proper terms for mountain bike parts on my bike and will frequently misname them. I finally learned the difference between a tire and a wheel...
  • Night Shift SORBA 2015

Night Shift 2015 (SORBA) Chattanooga Race

July 31, 2015
The results are in: 2nd place Coed Duo I love a podium spot! I arrived at the race venue a little bit early and had a closer parking spot than last year. Last  year I was all the way up the hill and had to...
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Chattanooga Half Ironman 2015

May 31, 2015
I probably was one of the first online registrants the morning the Half Ironman opened up for registration. I was several days out from major surgery and had no idea what I was really getting into. Part of it may be that I thought I...

1st Grade Knoxville Zoo Trip w/Brainerd Baptist School

April 30, 2015
It was a great day to go to the Knoxville Zoo! Brainerd Baptist School has a great 1st grade field trip on a chartered bus to see all the animals at the zoo. Here are some pictures from that day!...

Southern Cross 2015: muy fangoso

March 31, 2015
Southern Cross 2015 in several words: mud, fog and cold. We spent the night in town and headed over the next morning with a misty cold rain hitting our faces on the warm-up. I kept pushing the thoughts of quitting out of my mind because...

Sorta Camping

October 6, 2014
I am the first to admit camping doesn’t appeal to me. I think that if I gave it another chance, I might like it. The last time I went camping it was around 1993. I had my dog Pate and met two other classmates in...

Black Bear Rampage 2014

September 30, 2014
September 14, 2014 started with butterflies in my stomach hoping that all the miles I had logged on my mountain bike would be enough to make it through the Black Bear Rampage’s 40 miles and around 4,000 feet of climbing in the Cherokee National Forest....